A quick study of my favorite late-night talk show host, funnyman Jay Leno whose tenure at the Tonight Show comes to an end soon.

Jay’s monologue has consistently provided me with laugh-out loud moments which provided – more often than not – the first laugh of the day. His detractors often cite his persistent O.J. Simpson and Bill Clinton jokes as irrelevant, but his writers are top-notch and I presume will follow him to the new show. The “Jaywalking” bit still astounds me.

I would often take a break from a late night of artwork at 11:35pm EST, to return after the monologue and even contemplated putting a TV in the art studio strictly to switch on the Tonight Show.

I realized in his seventeen year tenure that I a) got sober b) got married and c) became a parent of two.

I don’t really consider caricature my strength, but his face is a natural for exaggeration. One of my favorite cartoonists, Tom Richmond, did his take on Jay which is naturally “spot on” especially the gesture. Check it out here.

Great job, Jay. Can’t wait to catch the new show and get to bed earlier.