I’ve been meaning to blog about the webcomics that have my attention lately in this space. Capes & Babes by Chris Flick is not new to me, and it occupies a spot in my Favorites folder with about a dozen “must-reads” that I’ll probably discuss in future posts.

It was Chris’s recent “treasure hunt” contest that inspired me to crawl through his archive for the prize. This afforded me the opportunity to see the evolution of his work, and the surprise was not that his work evolvedit was strong from the very start.

A less tangible take-away for me is that it seems there is a kind of joy in his work, in other words – it doesn’t seem like his process is hard work to him, as it is to me. I’m reminded of a U2 interview where the drummer Larry says “With Springsteen, there’s a kind of joy in his performance, with us, we’re slogging out there every gig. It’s hard work.”

Please check out Capes & Babes when you have the time to go through the archive.  I’ll wait patiently for my sketch card prize and likely post it here.