I always imagined working in a library would be the ideal environment for me. All those books, people studying quietly and carte blanche to “shush” anyone at will. What’s not to love?

Now I hang there during my free time and have a pretty good system of sitting with my sketchbook hidden under another book so I can surreptitiously sketch people. Pretty sneaky, huh? Don’t get me started on the library flirting. I mean, she was flirting, wasn’t she?

A Quick Welcome to Newcomers

If you discovered my webcomic from the Jefbot guest-strip, thank you for clicking-through! And a huge thanks to Jeff Schuetze for publishing it. I particularly love the way he draws his consistently excellent strip and his line quality is inspiring to me. Sorry, artist geek-speak.

Taking a crack at another artist’s characters while stepping out of my own comfort zone was a lot of late-night fun.

Please bookmark my comic, read through the pages and stay tuned for a new comic every Tuesday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thank you.