About This Comic:Decompression Weapon

When selecting a decompression weapon of choice, it  is important to think these things through, since down time – however important – is still in short supply.

Truth be told, I like to always be playing a video game to keep in touch with the state of the art, and I’m fibbing in the first panel just a little bit. “Borderlands 2” is Number one  on the sales chart at thiswriting, and my teenager is playing it on his PC; so in my mind that is already an option, and I’ve seen the stunning opening already – but I am more interested in Dishonored” by Bethesda.

A funny thing is, my wife and I were talking and I casually mentioned first-person-shooter. She said “Oh, I read a really great review in the New York Times about ‘Dishonored‘”.  Naturally what I heard was “You should buy ‘Dishonoured’“.

Reported to have gorgeous levels in an open sandbox, you had me at gorgeous levels.

How do you decompress?

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