About This Comic: Dialogue Free

Originally titled “Survival of the Fittest” and produced almost three years ago, I’m participating in Dialog Free Comics Day  #4 today. Take a look at Noel Curry’s celebration of the art form of comics purely using art and … well, no words. Paradoxically the hand-lettering of my comic this year has been the part I have enjoyed the most, but it certainly is a challenge to do a comic without dialogue.  In fact, my previous comic “Power of Suggestion” was quasi-dialogue-free. I can certainly make them faster without!

This strip takes me back, as your own images sometimes do. Three years ago I had just begun unemployment and in order to keep my spirits high I resumed running. In fact when my sister called me to offer some coaching I took her call on this run around the lake and she was happy to hear I was making the most of it. Thankfully I have been back to work for nearly a year and a half – and I have resumed running once again to keep spirits high and get some fresh air.

In hindsight, I realize the comic doesn’t have to involve a pretty young girl. Any woman, any age – even guys for that matter, cause me to assume better posture for the brief time they witness my exertion. Doesn’t everyone do this?

Have a great weekend,