About This Comic: Qwitter

When this happens, if we follow each other AND if you subscribe to one of those “Who Unfollowed You” type services you may see my shady face. Please know – as in the immortal, iconic George Costanza line – “It’s not you, it’s me.”

I have a lot more followers on my personal (read: goofy) Twitter, but I am thinking about steering my DempseyStudio twitter more into the forefront. In fact, I am in the middle of trying my first Twiiter ad to boost followers on that account, which is all Web Dev and Design tips and techniques and not intended for general interest.

The ad isn’t going that well, the upside in cost-per-click advertising is that at least my overall spend won’t hit my modest limit soon. Not sure if I’m getting the kind of followers I want. So far, one Youtuber and a suspiciously pretty young female, give me an initial hunch that my initial Twitter ad is under-performing.

Have a great weekend folks. Thanks for stopping by.


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