About This Comic: Technical Dear John

Bear with me on this. Clearly Epson cannot stay in business because none of their products work. In fact, I have access at work to a large format printer that maybe getting “long in the tooth” but works like a champ.

I, on the other hand have had back luck with Epson printers  and “all-in-one” products that I have bought myself. I kind of hurts because I think I’m relatively smart - and sometimes creative – so this should be a tool in my tool set that I can count on to make art or at least print household docs. I baby all my gear, more so with printers. Why do they have do be so finicky when they do work, and why do they not work typically soon after the warranty has lapsed?

It shouldn’t be that difficult. My current Epson all-in-one stopped printing, was never used for faxes… but still scans. So it has failed me on “all BUT one”. I’m thinking of a Brother model for my next all-in-one.

Do you have better luck, or is it me? I just want “print on demand”… in my own home. First world problems to be sure, but it isn’t much to ask to not have this stuff “up and die” for no reason whatsoever.

Best regards,