About This Comic: The End

That’s a wrap. When I started this online comic in 2009 I planned to give it five years to see if it would take off to my satisfaction. I have done my best for five years and now it is time to close this chapter.

I will fall off the grid from a content perspective for the remainder of 2014. When I return in early 2015 the only thing I’m certain is that I will be publishing content, but I’ll aim for less frequent content of a higher quality.

Need more specifics about what the next incarnation be? Here’s my final quote from the Madman to leave with:

“Don’t look at me for answers. Don’t ask me. I don’t know.” Ozzy Osbourne

What I do know is that an overhaul of my online design portfolio is overdue and I’ll take this time on better integrate dempseystudio.com, this comic’s archive, Dempsey Doodles blog (with new content weekly)  into one cohesive, smart experience. I also want to build a stronger online brand.

Thanks to all of you who have read/bookmarked/commented on this site and otherwise supported my little “soapbox”. I’m not disappearing completely,  I’ll still maintain my personal social media presence. If we aren’t already connected, let’s make it so.

Thanks again for reading. Now it’s time to get into the woodshed and play my guitar for a while.

Best regards,

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