With Therese gone for a few days on the annual business trip to Bermuda (last year we all accompanied her), the inevitable lunch at the New City Diner with both kids in tow transpired yesterday.

There was a large, multi-family get-together at tables that were assembled to run the whole length of the diner section we were seated in. I was struck by a young girl sitting directly opposite me, and commenced a quick sketch. She had her hair arranged in a ponytail facing forward – this was a hairstyle I planned for my latest project so I considered it “research”.

Lately my multi-talented daughter Isabel has taking a greater interest in drawing and asking me relentless questions as I draw. She confessed she goes through my sketchbooks. Isabel is not very good at secrets. Of course by now the subject knew she was being watched, but didn’t seem bothered.

Besides the hair style, I was struck by two other things: my subject was not particularly pretty in the traditional sense, but did a very good job at playing to her strengths, make-up wise.

Secondly, she was sporting what must have been false eyelashes. They were preposterously long, and as a petite teen (or pre-teen for all I know), it seemed they could cause her to topple over!

Sadly, the last sketch I did on the previous page was also done in the diner. Not that I go there all that much, but I bring my sketchbook everywhere in the car. I have learned to be prepared to draw some of the local characters while waiting for slow diner service.

This is not even a good sketch.

I have to draw more.