It’s a simple touch that has revolutionary impact if you use Photoshop for drawing. Using a video card that supports OpenGL, you can now twist your canvas with versions of Photoshop greater than CS3.

You could always achieve this effect (in theory) using Rotate Canvas at arbitrary angles; the difference now is that the task is as easy as twisting traditional paper, and about as interactive.

Why would you do this? If you draw, you are fully aware of the habit of twisting your work support (i.e. paper) to position your work area for comfortable access. This becomes difficult with larger scale supports – although I have seen some incredible easels – muralists are flat out of luck. I’ll defy artists that do this to pinpoint the moment when this was taught or learned. It is an intuitive solution as reflexive as scratching an itch.

It becomes especially powerful in combination with the shift-draw technique. Most graphics programs that let you draw a line traditionally support constraint to perfect horizontal, vertical and forty-five degree angles. Combine this with twisting your canvas and perfect lines can be drawn at any angle. It takes a little hit-or-miss to master.

Thank you Adobe, for clearly listening to an artist. However, this one wants to know why your product is still so expensive.

developers – are you listening?