At last, I have a job.

If you are reading this on 12/14/11 I am reporting to my first day. My job hunt has been going on for a long time and the sporadic freelance projects were just not cutting it.

What does this mean for the comic?


I think.

Of course I immediately thought I would decrease the publishing schedule to merely one day a week and make it a lavish page but I am going to try and sustain my output by doing the strips on Sunday for the following week since the math probably comes out the same.

I’ll need to concentrate on working faster on each, and I’ll certainly do the year-end holiday card (or something like it) and take off the week between Christmas and New Years. One of the things I always like to reconsider is the artwork. I’ll leave the website alone (it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), but I have been really tempted to re-design the characters slightly. Perhaps more details in the eyes – inspired by what Danielle Corsetto does with Girls With Slingshots, where more sophisticated eye shapes give here greater flexibility – the dots I have chosen are pretty limiting.

I discovered a new comic via a Ustream announcement on Google+. Joel Duggan’s “Starcrossed” is really funny, well drawn (he has some schooled chops and I’m envious) and it’s sometimes borderline, ever-so-slightly NSFW.

NSFW. I’m going back to work. The timing could not be more wonderous.