There has been a longer than usual space since the last post, for a couple of reasons. Primarily, there has been nothing compellingly new to merit writing about. It is Father’s Day and I am reminded of my Dad’s response when I asked nightly what was “new”. He would wearily reply “What could possibly be new?”.

The girls unexpectedly presented me with a pair of Ray-Bans with the qualifier from Therese that “this is strike three!”. I have a history of having pricey shades either broken a) by me or b)for me.

  • My Xbox 360 is overheating to the point of being unusable. Why fanboys (and girls) willing to accept this rate of failure is beyond me. Want to read some spin from Microsoft? Read this. Fortunately mine is a 2005 production model and Microsoft is repairing the early units free of charge. How I define irony: I can’t register the device to commence the long, slow return process because according to Hector on the MS support line “all our systems are down.”

  • New Slingo game now in beta scheduled for July launch. This one’s a doozy.

This just in: the “finale” episode of my episodic “hidden object” game will launch tomorrow! So the moral of the story is – procrastinate blogging long enough and something big will happen!