Fender Bass: AcquiredI don’t think, deep down, I am the type of person known for contradiction.

Okay; maybe I am. No, I’m not.

Certainly not to the extent where you may know or work with someone who is a chronic contradictor. I like to think that I am open to hearing all sides and changing my stance on any given subject.

That said, despite my recent pastime of tire-kicking in Guitar Center for the big year-end “Gift to Me”, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on an eBay item that clearly no one was interested in. I remember years ago a guitarist mildly chastising me for purchasing an instrument online that I couldn’t first have in my hands with “you wouldn’t marry someone without dating first?”, but when it comes to Fender’s American made guitars and basses, they are well made and hold their value if not abused.

And yes, it is used. I am completely okay with that. Why shouldn’t I save a couple of hundred dollars when someone’s spouse decrees “thin the herd”? Because my daughter thinks it’s icky?

The only emotional downside is that I find from the rare occasion of buying full retail off-the-shelf is that that instrument feels more like “mine”, having had no previous owner. I’m more inclined to keep her than to flip it, like others that have come and gone from the kind of detachment when the instrument had previous owner(s).

I could go on about how 24 hours after paying online – not a single email from the seller, but I noticed in the past big sellers on eBay don’t feel the need to keep in touch (“What are you worried for? This is what we do all day”) like the casual eBayers.

After fresh strings and likely a pearloid pickguard replacement (I always wanted one of those!) to stamp it as mine, likely debut is Sept. 22 with Native New Yorker at our favorite place: Tenampa Mexican in Croton, NY.