Just returned from trawling the NY Comic Con 2009 with my son and wanted to post a few impressions. My initial desire to research the viability of the graphic novel that I am creating was coupled with an unusual way to spend a Sunday in Manhattan.

A big draw was an appearance by Jeff Kinney, the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books which are hugely popular with my kids. He seemed genuinely humbled by the crowd and revealed that at NY Comic Con three years ago he made his first contact with his publisher. We had two books signed and were smart to attend his panel; his later signings on the main conference floor had an absurdly long line and he’s likely still signing his name as I type this. A feature film is in the works.

Being pressed for time, I didn’t see anything beyond the testosterone filled, superhero mega-brands that are household names. I likely need more time to hunt down the smaller indie publishers.  The day to research the graphic novel market should not be “Kids Day” at Comic Con.
Photo right: Harrison with some character from a film, not sure who or what it is.