It’s Friday night and I usually don’t post, since it’s Podcast night. However here’s a fresh sketch from the Nanuet, NY store.

Last week I stopped before heading home and they were playing Sinatra, the music I heard when I was in the womb and am only now starting to fully appreciate. The place was lightly trafficked, and I figured this was my new “hang”; to unwind with chai latte, sketch and people-watch before transitioning entirely to home life from work life.

This harmonic convergence turned out to be less predictable than I anticipated. Tonight was merely tolerable, they were playing neo-reggae which is fine, but coupled with a too-chatty girl sitting nearby at the counter had me rattling this sketch out and leaving pretty quickly.

This outing, coupled with my tired eyes on a Friday night after capping off a busy week, remind me how quickly my vision is deteriorating. Simply compare this sketch with a “boob tube” doodle of Jesse Ventura merely a year ago, and it’s clear that my beginner reading glasses prescription is going to need to be amped up, and soon.

On a related note, I’ve signed on to and started a modest Watercolor set of images, and am toying with a Starbucks Sketch set.