Once you start hanging them on the wall, do you morph from “player” to “collector”?

After many attempts over nearly the last fifteen years to find a stable outlet and an activity to get me out of the house, I have decided to throw in the towel. I’m hanging it up.

To be clear, I have been playing music in some capacity since I was a teen, what I’m retiring from is playing with other people.

After much soul-searching I realized over time I simply lack the diplomacy. That’s sort of why people like us make webcomics – isn’t it? To exert complete control over our online space?

To a degree, age and the economy factor into it. As your musical tastes mature, so does your audience – and they go home early. I’ll never return to the bar gigs where I have to play “Sweet Home Alabama” or “Mustang Sally” again, arriving home at 4:00am. The economy may be slowly improving, but the playing field is crowded with bands vying for spots at dwindling venues for live music. The bar owners simply can’t afford to host live music unless the band guarantees a certain amount of followers.

And let’s face it, if you are not playing great gigs every weekend (high-end corporate, weddings, freelance) you have not succeeded. When I say “you “, I mean “I”. Time to face facts.

To be certain, I’ll always have my humble little home studio in my man cave where I can play with sounds, and I’m always looking at the next purchase. GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) has no known cure. Making surreal sounds on my growing vintage synth collection is a great way to, well… be up till 4:00am at home!

That is why I brought Wednesdays back to the update schedule, since I have more free time. Also thinking about returning to painting which I ignored for my musical hobby. You can see some artwork at my portfolio at www.dempseystudio.com.

Having more time to concentrate on my work will also be a welcome relief since I can’t concentrate at work (Colleague: “It can get noisy here sometimes.” Me: “You have it backwards. It can get quiet here sometimes”, but I love the work.) The skill set for mobile/web front end is an ever-changing, moving target that requires study on your own time. Right now, my love affair is with jQuery Mobile.

Thanks for reading. I thought it best to blog about it to make it more real.