Besides the latest, limited release Episode IV of my Flash game “Peek ‘N Point” on (a twist – “Spot the Differences” version which I designed and ActionScripted)?

There is some hustle and bustle going on in the office clearing out a storage space/supply closet to configure a working area for people who need quiet. Can you guess who the inspiration for this is? Moi…

I don’t care who I share an office with – anything would be better than the way I have been forced to work for the last year. Tomorrow is my one year anniversary and this is a pretty good gift.

On a sadder note, we’re driving to Michigan for a long weekend to essentially say good-bye to my father-in-law. He has a ticket to the Philippines, where he figures the environment coupled with his asthma will help bring the end to his life that the devastating strokes have hastened.

This won’ t be fun. I’m reading Advance Digital Photography by Tom Ang to divert myself.