I have not posted lately because I am immersing myself and any free time in my graphic novel tentatively titled “Neighbors”. My last topic was the visit to the Comic Con, and that brief market research bore out what I suspected: the big business is in the superhero style content of the Big Two.

Undeterred – since this is a pet project and never intended to be “one of those” but uniquely my own – I have hit the ‘Bay for great savings on some required tools missing from my arsenal:

  • Light box
  • Ames Lettering Guide

While it begs the question that I really should have tried this years ago, I think I am probably more able to tell a story better now than in the past. With the advent of the internet for podcasts like Art & Story, plus tons of library titles on proper production techniques, it is much easier to get caught up on the medium.

The only pitfall of being so totally digital for twenty-five years of computer graphics work – with only an occasional oil painting as an antidote – is that after drawing a weak pencil line twice, I reached for Ctrl-Z/Undo both times.