I was on my own yesterday since Therese took the kids to Boston for the Columbus Day weekend. It begs the question that it is a quasi -”holiday” which I have worked for as long as I can remember.

I found myself wandering into my first forays of online multiplayer, alternately winning a tournament in WipeOutHD, having my head handed to me numerous times in Call of Duty 4, and watching the interminable cinematics of Metal Gear Solid 4 (a game you watch far more than play).

The more creative my job becomes, the less-inclined and driven I find myself to create art in my spare time. This will probably adjust itself in due time when video game boredom sets in.

My devices: Playstation 3, Korg MicroX, Xbox 360, VAIO PC. Is it so wrong to absolutely squander a day alone as an antidote to stressful work/marriage/parental responsibilities?

Work hard, play hard.