It’s actually out of character for me to reach out and wish a Merry Christmas to all. At the risk of being politically incorrect, there’s lots of talk about the true meaning of Christmas which has been getting lost – giving.

This all sounds pretty flowery from a guy who personally was becoming pretty dour at the annual crass commercialization of the holiday, until I became a parent. Now it’s all about giving back. This Grinch has turned in the end, too.

What I have given you in the form of this comic may prove worthless in the long run, although I’m trying. What you have given me is the great gift of your attention; if even for the brief time that it takes to scan a strip or peruse the archive, please know that I am completely grateful. That the statistics show visits from all over the world inspires me that we may have more in common than we think.

As I jumped into this webcomic (without looking) at the end of a tough year at home and work, I learned a lot. The biggest surprise was that there are people out there willing to try something new. Sure, there have been critics – and that’s fine – but as I commit to this webcomic I aim to give you a product that represents the best of my abilities.

Thank you and best wishes for 2010 -
T. A. D.