It’s been a while since I’ve posted, here’s what is new:

  • Slingo has launched the “Merry Poppings” game which is a match three game with balloons. I was Art Director.

    Apparently an exploit was found and patched, and the community seems to be embracing it; it scores consistently in the top ten for player counts on the website on a daily basis.

    The design was by a departed game designer (not deceased, just jumped ship) who I was looking forward to working with. I was suprised at my anger to lose such talent.

  • I’ll be attending my first ever Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco in a few weeks. Pretty excited!
  • I’m obsessed with an innovative 3-D sculpting tool – and I haven’t been this jazzed since PhotoShop added layers. Not a big fan of the interface. Likely samples will start to be added to my website as they are commpleted. This allows me to resurrect some abandoned personal projects, and it’s the only reason I turn on my PC at home.