Played last night at Lucy’s Lounge in Pleasantville, NY with a substitute drummer who was the best yet.

It was especially remarkable that an audience member sought me ought to tell me in particular how good my Warwick bass sounded; he was very into the details of the type of wood (African ovangkol) and brand of strings. I realize now that I mispoke; Thomastik-Infield – think I called them something like Thomasfield-Intek… nonetheless it’s good to hear from an impartial judge, particularly as I was not looking forward to the gig earlier on on the day.

Odd also that the drummer, who I met for the first time said I looked familiar. I was sure we never met. He insisted when I put my bass on that he had seen me somewhere. Six Degrees. I have a feeling that I’m just a familiar-looking person.