I was ready to jump on Facebook to complain about a hard week capped of with a hard day – a Friday.

I am going through the experience called “frozen pipes”, because of the polar vortex and I was all ready with a witty status update: “Frozen pipes. Or as I call it: come over and shoot me please.” I was pretty sure i would get Likes and comments from my dependable posse.

Then something unexpected happened. A friend and former colleague posted that his cousin, his best man at his wedding. died of a brain tumor at age 38.

My complaints about a tough week ending with the struggles of 1/3 of a cold house melted away. I lost my resolve to publish it instantaneously. My perspective was adjusted in the blink of an eye. I have my health, my family and my job. Who am I to complain?

ABTAlogoHere is a link if you are inclined to donate to the American Brain Tumor Association in memory of Rich Ocello.

Carpe diem, gang. Seize the day, because life is precious and life is good.