Hey, have you heard about this? In all my years of browsing the web day and night I was becoming increasing frustrated with bookmarking something on Device A for reading later, then at some other time trying to recall it on Device B.

It’s not as meaningful for reading webcomics, as we all probably have ways to quickly consume our favorites, but more appropriate for longer articles that raise a red flag in our brains inscribed “important, but cannot read right now”.

I went the route of delicious for a little while to keep bookmarks in the cloud but that seemed high maintenance.

Enter Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later; the old name says it all. It works much like Pinterest’s bookmarklet where you add a tool to your browser toolbar and when you see a longer article you want to read later, simply click the icon. Put it in your pocket!

I highly recommend it and you may tell me “duh, that’s been around for x” (I mean go ahead, don’t sugarcoat it), but seriously it has made my web-surfing more pleasurable.

Naturally there are apps for iPhone and iPad, likely for Android.