As a follow-up to yesterday’s love letter to Twitter, I became a user of the Qwitter service recently and weeks later I can’t for the life of me understand why.

Qwitter sends you email with the Twitter names of followers who unfollowed you. The best use of this information is to help you thin out your list and weed out the Twitter users who are not reciprocating the follow. In other words, Twitter works best when the follow is mutual. This isn’t always practical in the case of celebrities, if following celebrities is your thing.

The worst use of this information is when you are having a bad day and want to feel worse. While some followers are spammy (I didn’t mind when the bowling alley in Portland Oregon unfollowed me), some are genuine relationships. This post was inspired by a certain  webcomic artist who un-followed me hours after I re-tweeted a pencil sketch  from his sketchbook. A re-tweet (or RT) is an implied compliment. If something strikes me as special, or note-worthy, I’ll ReTweet without hesitation. To be promptly un-followed seemed downright rude.

On a related note,  I’m phasing out logons to Facebook for a bunch of reasons – likely the subject of a future blog post. This will free-up more time to waste on foursquare, my new diversion.

What are you favorite or least favorite time vacuums?