Our newest family member left us ubruptly and tragically on Aug. 15.

Darting out into our cul-de-sac to “guard” us from the USPS truck, he made a final fatal wrong move as the babysitter frantically called him in.

It was only upon seeing his lifeless body did I realize how beautiful he was.

I always professed not to be “a dog person”, but this may have been a defense mechanism against the heartache and tragedy of losing a family pet.

The kids are taking it remarkably well (Izzy asked if we could get one of those “rip things”, i.e. tombstone to a 6 year-old), but Therese is not faring that well.
In a short time he endeared himself to us thoroughly.

The Clarkstown Police and USPS were profoundly compassionate and professional, as well as the Banfield vets at Petsmart who began the cremation process.

I too, am surprised at how I miss him and our nightly, private walks in the neighborhood.

Rest in peace, buddy. Gone but not forgotten.