I’m whole hog into console gaming now.

Okay – more accurately – all three consoles are now in the house. I treated myself to the Playstation 3 bundle wisely priced by Sony to sell for Christmas, and a few weeks prior to that traded a bass for an Xbox 360.

It doesn’t change the fact I’m not very good at hardcore games, but I’m improving.

I feel strongly that to both a) assimilate with gamers at work, and b) become conversant with the next-gen art techniques and 3D advancements, I have to at least own them.

Atonement (the film) – even Keira Knightley couldn’t make that adaptation interesting. Long, tracking camera shots purely for technical bravura. I was starting to roll my eyes when subtitles like “Three Weeks Earlier” and “Six Months Ago” started appearing. No! Move forward – put an end to this thing.

I promise to read the book, even if I now know the twist. Therese raves about what a better read it was vs. the film adaption.