About This Post: Roadhouse Gig

Somehow the cover band staple “Roadhouse Blues” found its way back into circulation, and its pretty appropriate for last night’s gig at 6 West in Shohola PA. I found myself improvising throughout – I can turn any lemon into lemonade as long as I know the chords.

We are pretty much a regular act and played at their recent one year anniversary, where they fed us well (WIN).

Special thanks to Mary and Dominic who could see that I was suffering by the third set and found a pain reliever for me.  Either a combination of the smoke or a tension headache from band drama, but it turned out to be an Aleve which upset my stomach and gave me palpitations. I’m an Advil guy, but I’m grateful for their concern.

Otherwise, a musical highlight was lead singer Mr. Shawn stepping up to my synth (which I play a fraction of the time, providing bass guitar duties mostly) for the big hook on Blondie’s “Dreaming”. We always keep it fresh for our local following – and ourselves!

Please support local live music whenever you can. If you have a friend in a band, make sure to get to their gigs whenever possible.

A brief hiatus is in order and gig reports will resume Labor Day weekend.