After many weeks in my dwindling free time, I managed to complete my Kindle 2 video review. You can check it out on my YouTube Channel.

This is the second episode of “Tim’s Gear Review”. There will not be that many more that I can foresee; I have a Korg synthesizer that musicians may be interested in buying used that will lead them to a search for video review, but beyond that….

This continues to be hard work, primarily because I’m using aging equipment for an application that is known as “expensive” (in terms of CPU power required) – nonlinear video editing. I’m optimistic that a planned year-end upgrade to my computer hardware may “re-inject the fun”.

Some lessons learned:

Lapel (lavalier) mic:
From my results in the first video gear review, this became a must because of the hum introduced by lights for any onscreen appearances. I went with an affordable one from the local “Shack” because I was in a hurry to record, but I want to upgrade this in the future.

This same mic should not be used for off-screen voice over narration if you have any alternative. I tried and found the overall quality to be inferior to the results with the condensor mic I use on my podcast “Everybody Else Is Too Loud”, so I had to re-record.

Thanks for checking it out and please leave a comment.