I played at a BBQ Gig on Saturday 8/09 at my good friend Mike’s annual BBQ. A pickup band thrown together with one rehearsal cranking geezer classic rock for an appreciateive audience. They indulged me and let me sing a few tunes by the Stones, Dylan and Hendrix. Since this will likely be my only gig from 2008 I thought it warranted a post.

Clearly I have to lose weight. I got on the treadmill the next morning after seeing the dozens of unflattering photos Harrison took, and I may try to do daily treadmill workouts throughout the Beijing 2008 Olympics games to see how much I can lose. The TV has finally been moved near the treadmill after endless requests.

On an unrelated note, we had a pretty good family vacation at Sanctuary Resort in Sandbridge Virginia, which is about 20 minutes from the main Virgina Beach boardwalk scene. We took two day trips to Jamestown Settlement and Colonial Williamsburg and both of those attractions left an indelible mark on me, more now as an adult than my childhood visit. I guess the older you get, the more you appreciate sacrifice and hardship.

Sadly two days into the vacation the Xbox 360 (yes, we brought the Xbox, just in case of rain) finally suffered the fatal three red rings of death (RROD) after weeks of overheating. If you know anyone who has a 360, they are familiar with this. I must say Microsoft has done due diligence in repairing (i.e. replacing) it, and if it performs reliably when it returns tomorrow, all will be forgiven. We’ll see.