I’m on a staycation and while I previously detested that option as a scam because I wind up doing more back-breaking chores at home than no vacation at all – I must admit I’m being permitted to decompress more thoroughly than ever. That’s no small feat, after a tough year back to work doing what I love with people that I like for a firm that does good work via a visionary, charitable CEO – the noisy environment takes a toll. Because all I want is some quiet.

Switching gears, I’ll probably morph this into another sub-category of the blog when nothing is new with The Weekend Warrior. I’ll tweak the working title but here’s a re-cap of Tim’s Week in Technology (because obviously TWiT is taken). For now, “The Round-up” should suffice.

After listening to a lynda.com course on Responsive Design, I decided to shoot the works and spent fifty bucks for a paid solution to display this comic website optimally on iPad. A plug-in from WPTouch Pro promised to do that but after seven days of email “tag” with an amiable enough support person (including divulging temporary ftp credentials and making a WP User) the result was: fail.

Apparently marrying the ComicPress templates to their product was “no trivial matter”. I’m still using it (obvious if you are reading on an iPhone), but it doesn’t display the comic without adding shortcodes – which I could probably automate with my growing PHP knowledge. I hear the words “Premium Plug-in” and I interpret that as a shortcut. Beware, ComicPressers.

Conversely, tech that I am happy with is the HP OfficeJet color printer, I’m reminded of how much I like it since I had to re-install the printer drivers to get it back on our wireless newtwork. I can’t fault the printer for that, clearly my intermittent router gets touchy when we have power spikes. One of my kids informed us he couldn’t do his chores, since the printer wasn’t working to print out the chores’ check-list we authored. Teenagers.

Seriously a good printer at a good price. I kill more “all-in-one’s” than “cholesterol kills cops” (Max Payne 3). This one includes AirPrint, so you can print from iPhone and iPad, which solves a problem I didn’t know I had!

Here’s an unboxing video on my YouTube Channel (why not subscribe?) if you are in the market.