I arrived a full two hours early for a physical exam at Rockefeller Center today and as a way to kill time I wandered over to the Today show outdoor broadcast.

Bobby Flay was setting up for a “Summer Eats” segment so I abandoned all my hip, too-cool-for-school innate tendencies and took this blurry photo on my phone.

Two take-aways: an artist in the crowd painted a large portrait of Matt Lauer who found the time to briefly thank and acknowledge the artist; it actually was painted by a somewhat skilled hand.

The other take-away is that even though I was able to see my favorite, Ann Curry, in person – after my heart rate returned to normal – I came to the realization that she is not as classically beautiful as I thought. Even Matt Lauer and Bobby Flay have odd profiles, enormous heads with unusual silhouettes. They look great on camera, go figure.

Wish I could sketch all three from life.