I was recently perusing 3-D artist opportunities, and I came upon an interesting post in the NY region. It struck me that the first bullet was “Must be at the top of your game.”

Let’s assume the firm is trying to weed out unqualified candidates by intimidation. This begs the question: why would any artist consider themselves at the “top of their game”?

Pursuing art is a life-long path – a kind of colorful “life “sentence”. I was taught that painting a masterpiece would be the death knell for an artist’s creativity. Where do you go from there?

I am not at the top of my game, but I am doing all I can every day to gain the experience to be the best I can be – even at this relatively late middle age.

Other news:

  • I have joined NYSC and become obsessed with getting in shape and losing 10 lbs.
  • My earlier post about a “Painting a Week” proved to be overly ambitious. Guess I overlooked my parental responsibilities; this may likely be tweaked into: “When I start a new painting, I must wrap it up in a week”. I don’t care for my first outing. My self-editor may not allow it’s publication.
  • Slingo has released Episode 3 of my “Peek-N-Point” game for a limited, exclusive one-week run. Check it out here! You’ll have to register, but you were meaning to do that anyway, weren’t you?
  • My beloved father-in-law has had a series of possible heart “events”, and is refusing medical attention. He’s a retired doctor, and feels this “is it”. Let’s pray he is mistaken.