I’m home today, and it’s the day after my birthday. Therese is helping her mother recuperate from surgery on the West Coast and the kids are in school.

I feel extremely relaxed; it’s the first truly quiet time I have enjoyed in a while. Sirius XM is playing a lot of eastern sitar-based music that is helping me get into a near meditative state. Of course, too much continuous sitar music will likely become irritating!

Why is it so rare to arrange quiet time?

There’s potentially a better workspace for my day job is in the works, in fact the architects were taking measurements just the other day. If the Slingo art team actually gets a more sequestered, quieter space, it could truly simplfy getting into the zone on a daily basis.

I have commenced the thumbnail and layout phase of my graphic novel ashcan. It is such a liberating feeling to have a self-created piece that I am truly obsessed with. As Miles Finch says in “Elf”: “It’s just one of those ideas, I’m just psyched out of my mind about…ya’ know, it’s just one of those ideas where you’re like, YES!”

If I could only make a living doing this!